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PT. Cresco Indonesia is a manufacturer of footwear of fabric commonly called Slipper. With the imported machines from Japan that have a high quality so as to produce a quality product. Every month around 60.000-75.000 pairs Slipper is exported to foreign countries and continues to increase, the increase is certainly due to products that have a high quality. To further know about our company please explore our website.


About 100% products of PT. Cresco Indonesia exported to agents in Japan, Which are:

1. Asset & Co., Ltd.                            6. Okumura Co., Ltd.                    11.
Life Creation Co., Ltd.
2. Fuji Kogyo Co., Ltd.                        7. Senko Co., Ltd.                         
3. Takahashi Shoji Co., Ltd.             8. Funami Co., Ltd.
4. Otsuka Shokai Co., Ltd.               9. Storongu Co., Ltd.
5. Aiwa Co., Ltd.                                10. Ogiwara Co., Ltd.




Needs Supplier

In order to continuously improve product quality, we're always open to work with our suppliers both nationally and internationally. If you are one of the suppliers that we need, please submit data HERE

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